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'What Kelly Did Next'

Kelly, with husband Bernie, and baby Bernie

Here is the press release for the documentary that I filmed for Ailbhe Maher. It's a really lovely film and received a fantastic viewrship...

'What Kelly Did Next'The nation held its breath as Kelly Mongan, at nine months pregnant, took the stage in the final of The Voice of Ireland 2013. Over the course of four months the audience had watched her grow in confidence on stage and bloom in her pregnancy. Would she go into labour as she sang? Could she win the competition? That night in April 2013 Kelly didn't take home the prize of a record deal but she did win over the public and become the nation's sweetheart.

Now that the competition is over a new one-hour observational documentary keeps the cameras rolling on What Kelly did next. This entertaining and insightful documentary shows how a young girl balances family life and a blossoming career. It also shines a light on the modern travelling community in Ireland today.

With exceptional access to Kelly's world we capture the moment her and the baby leave hospital and see them embark on family life. The cameras observe baby Bernie's christening, behind the scenes as Kelly sings for the first time on The Late Late Show and performing at a summer festivial and award ceremonies.

Throughout her time in the limelight Kelly has never denied her travelling culture. She is part of the new generation of travellers who believe in modernising but preserving their culture. Tradition is important to Kelly but it is not the priority. Her mother has taught her to go and do whatever she wants to do with her life. It was her mother, Kathleen, who encouraged her to apply for The Voice and gave her the confidence to stand on stage. We hear from Kathleen and her husband Timmy about how they are rearing their ten children and the changes they've seen in the travelling community over the course of their lifetime.

Kelly will invite the cameras into the travelling community to show the audience how she lives and what her values are. We will see her getting all dressed up for a photoshoot with RSVP magazine and having the finishing touches to baby Bernie's christening outfit. Kelly will talk about how as a young married couple herself and her camera shy husband Bernie are figuring out how they want to live their lives and are adjusting to the glare of the camera.

With the support of her family and new husband Kelly is on the cusp of beginning her music career. Can she capitalise on the fame she has gained, make a singing career for herself and provide for her family?

Over the course of this one-hour observational documentary the audience will learn more about Kelly and see if she can succeed in life and her career. What Kelly did next captures the highs and lows of Kelly's journey as she embarks on her next chapter.

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